Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Make your plans for NYE in Raleigh!

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Grab your friends and family and make your plans to bring in 2019 together!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Since 1788.

No, Jim Liacos and his crew at Jim’s Auto Service have not served the Raleigh area that long!  That is the year that Raleigh was chosen as the sight of North Carolina’s new capital city.  Why our fair city?  Well, Raleigh enjoyed a central location within this original 13 state.  That protected it from coastal attacks.

It all became official in 1792.  Most of America was still owned by other countries.  Raleigh is the birthplace of Virginia Dare.  You may not be familiar with her.  She was the first child born of English parents in America.  Today, we are a state comprised of a diverse population with a strong work ethic.

At Jim’s Auto Service we have that same gritty dedication to work and service.  Working on cars has been and continues to be our sole purpose.  We hope that we will be of service to you and your vehicle in the year to come.  Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year from your friends at Jim’s Auto Service.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

5 Winter Break Ideas in the Raleigh Area for When Kids are Out of School

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"When the kids are out of school for the winter break, it can be difficult to know how to keep them entertained. Fortunately, in and around Raleigh there are plenty of places to take them for fun and educational activities. Here are five ideas to keep them amused."


Thursday, December 6, 2018

Twenty…That’s Right Twenty!

That number can sound daunting or minor depending on how you look at it.  This is about the Volkswagen Jetta.  Yes, the Jetta.  It has twenty different types of service that are necessary over its first 150,000 miles.  Thirteen of those twenty occur within the first 100,000 miles.  Here are some of them.

At 7500 miles your Jetta needs a tire rotation, oil change, and general safety inspection.  At 15,000 miles it may be time to change the air filter and cabin filter.  When you arrive at 30,000 miles you need to be thinking about brake fluid, transmission fluid, and engine coolant.  You may also need to replace your Jetta’s spark plugs, air filter, and fuel filter.

The future of your beloved Volkswagen Jetta is in good hands when you trust Raleigh’s Volkswagen repair professionals at Jim’s Auto Service.  Of course, Jim and his team repair all makes and models of vehicles, but Volkswagens are one of their specialties.  Call them at (919) 824-4566 to make an appointment at 3711 Tarheel Drive in Raleigh.

Day by Day Triangle Holiday Guide–Christmas and Holiday Events

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Make plans with family and friends using this guide to 2018 holiday events in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and beyond!  Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

We Can’t Tune a Fish, but We Can Tune a Car!

So, what about a tune up for your older car?  Just what is a tune up anyway?  A car tune-up is preventive maintenance performed on a vehicle to ensure it continues to hum along. A tune-up is typically regularly scheduled…once a year is reality on an older vehicle, and it offers the chance for you to get all of the preventive maintenance your car needs at that time.

Typically, when you have a tune-up performed, it will additionally include the replacement of several important wear-and-tear parts. Failure to replace these parts can result in decreased performance and other problems. Just as an example, the air filter will usually need to be replaced at least once per year.

My trained staff at Jim’s Auto Service know your car inside and out because we have worked on just about every make and model.  It gives us an advantage over the service department at a Raleigh area dealership.  People from the Triangle have been counting on us for years to keep their vehicles on the road.  Jim’s Auto Service at 3711 Tarheel Drive in Raleigh.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

ASE Professional Experience.

What is ASE?  It is short for automotive service excellence.  You don’t just open an auto repair shop and claim to be a licensed ASE professional.  It usually takes a minimum of two years of hands-on experience to attain this level of confidence.  Jim Liacos of Jim’s Auto Service attained ASE certification many, many years ago.

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence was formed in 1972.  It is an independent non-profit organization that has worked to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service by testing and certifying automotive professionals.  This is just one more reason why you should consider many factors when choosing a mechanic.

Jim Liacos cut his teeth as a “shade tree mechanic”.  That means he worked on every make and model of vehicle when he started.  He is not someone from a dealership or factory who has principle knowledge of one type of car, SUV, or truck.  When you need maintenance or repair think of Jim’s Auto Service located at 3711 Tarheel Drive in Raleigh.  Call (919) 824-4566.

Veterans Day 2018: Free meals & discounts

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"To recognize Veterans Day, which is on Sunday, November 11, many area businesses are thanking veterans by offering free meals and discounts, free zoo admission, grocery store discounts and more throughout the week!"

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Dealer vs. Mechanic.

No, this is not the next Marvel super hero movie.  It is the choice that you have when you need your vehicle maintained.  Do you go to the dealership or to one of the area’s top mechanics?  Generally speaking, independent mechanics love dealerships. Why, because dealers' stiff rates and by-the-book approach can drive customers straight to a local independent specialist.

Dealerships can add hours of labor to a job that may take the local shop less time to accomplish.  One independent put it this way…”we have not sold out our imagination”.  Dealer vs. mechanic can be a bit of a dilemma for you.  One benchmark that you can follow is that if your car is no longer under warranty, trust the local mechanic.

One of Raleigh’s best local auto mechanics is Jim’s Auto Service.  Jim Liacos learned his trade on all types of vehicles.  He truly is one of our area’s top shade tree mechanics.  Weigh the differences between dealership and independent…especially time and cost.  Call Jim or drive in to his shop located at 3711 Tarheel Drive.  You can always call ahead at (919) 824-4566.

Halloween in Raleigh, NC

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Round up your family and friends and make your Halloween plans!


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Tune In, Tune Up, Drive Off.

When you trust your vehicle to Jim’s Auto Service for a tune-up, you are essentially asking our skilled technicians to inspect your engine, analyze vehicle performance, and make adjustments as needed.  The engine tune-up checklist will comprise both preventative and restorative engine assessment, as well as final maintenance recommendations.

Here are some of the things that we do while under the hood –

1.  Check the spark plugs visually…that tells us a lot.
2.  Is the spark igniting the fuel?
3.  Check the fuel filter.
4.  Is the fuel pump functioning properly?
5.  Adjust the engine timing if necessary.

There are other steps that we use as well.  Suffice to say, here at Jim’s Auto Service we did not get the reputation as one of Raleigh’s premier shade tree mechanics without familiarity with all makes and models.  Come to the Raleigh area’s top tune-up specialist…Jim’s Auto Service.  We are located at 3711 Tarheel Drive.  For an appointment just call (919) 824-4566.

Monday, October 1, 2018

5th Annual Triangle Oktoberfest, Oct 19-20

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"The 5th Annual Triangle Oktoberfest, the largest in Central North Carolina, will be an authentic German festival focused on family fun, traditional Bavarian food and fare, and plenty of local and authentic German beers from Munich, all to support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and other local charities within our community."

Monday, September 17, 2018

Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh.

Wiper blades should be replaced every six months to a year or as soon as you notice a difference in driving visibility. When wiper blades no longer make proper contact with the windshield surface, they can begin to squeak, chatter, skip, smear or streak reducing driving visibility.  Danger Will Robinson, danger!

As the seasons change in the Raleigh area the snow, ice, rain and sun can cause the rubber compound on the blade to split and crack over time, creating reduced visibility when you use your wipers in inclement weather.  Responsible auto mechanics say periodically changing out your old blades for new ones to allow the windshield wiper to effectively remove debris.

It is just one of a myriad of car maintenance chores that you count on Jim Liacos to handle swiftly, accurately, and economically.  He and his crew at Jim’s Auto Service are some of the best auto maintenance professionals in the Raleigh area.  Call ahead for an appointment at Jim’s location 3711 Tarheel Drive.  That phone number is (919) 824-4566.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

America's Musical Journey, Downtown Raleigh

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"Narrated by Academy Award® winner Morgan Freeman, America's Musical Journey celebrates the unique diversity of cultures and creative innovations that characterize America, as told through the story of its music."

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

It’s Automatic…It’s Oil Change Time.

Here is a great way to stay on track.  As the season changes…change the oil in your vehicle.  Surveys and opinions vary on how often you need to change the oil in your car, but one belief persists.  That is, changing the oil in your ride is the surest, cheapest, and easiest way to keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

Here is a fact of our engines…not changing your oil often enough will cause it to run less efficiently, and as time goes on, it can cause the engine components to warp and wear out. The lack of lubrication between these parts will also contribute to these problems. Eventually, if the oil is not changed, the entire engine will shut down and have to be replaced.

Let’s see, $2500-$3000 to replace the engine…or have your oil changed quickly and inexpensively every three months.  It seems like easy math.  With autumn headed our way, please make an appointment at Jim’s Auto Service.  They are the Raleigh area’s auto repair professionals located at 3711 Tarheel Drive.  You can call ahead at (919) 824-4566.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Free and cheap things to do Labor Day Weekend in the Triangle

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"If you’re one of the lucky people with a long weekend away from work, you can find some fun, free things to do in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and surrounding areas on Labor Day Weekend, 2018."

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Man Beneath your Hood.

Whom you trust to repair your car is an important decision.  Your vehicle is one of your top investments and priorities.  Raleigh, meet Jim Liacos if you have not already done so.  Jim is the chairman of the board and head mechanic at his own shop, Jim’s Auto Service.  He is a fixture in the Raleigh community and well he should be.

We like to refer to Jim as the ultimate shade tree mechanic because he learned auto repair from the ground up by working on vehicles for friends and neighbors.  He was drafted into the Army 50 years ago.  From there, he worked at NC College of Veterinary Medicine.  That’s a circuitous route indeed on the way to becoming one of this area’s top auto mechanics!

Jim runs Jim’s Auto Service located at 3711 Tarheel Drive.  Whatever the make…whatever the model, if it runs on four-wheels Jim will fix it or has a mechanic on duty who will do it right the first time…guaranteed.  Get to know Jim and his team by stopping in at the shop or calling ahead for an appointment at (919) 824-4566.

Wake County School Calendars and Schedules 2018-2019

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School is back in session and there are dates that should be marked on your calendar!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Tune it up So you can Turn it On.

It makes sense.  If your vehicle is properly tuned before you hit the road your car is likely to hold up better.  So, whether you are still planning a late summer trip, or you are preparing for the changing seasons this may be a perfect time for a tune up.  We are mostly all guilty of waiting too long between a vehicle’s maintenance intervals.

Here are some signs that your car needs a tune up –

1.  Your engine is riding rough when it idles.
2.  What happened to my MPG…especially with these gas prices!
3.  The appearance of the dreaded check engine light.
4.  Your vehicle does not accelerate the way it did.

Why would you wait until a major disaster strikes and your car needs much more than a tune up?  If you live in the Raleigh area you can trust Jim Liacos and his staff to tune up your ride and keep you on the road this summer and well beyond.  Just call ahead for an appointment at 3711 Tarheel Drive.  That’s (919) 824-4566.

Ray Price Legends of Harley Drag Racing Museum

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"If you love motorcycle racing and Harley-Davidson bikes, check it out."

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Don’t stay in Suspense about Suspension.

That is definitely a confusing statement.  Your vehicle’s suspension system is largely ignored until a problem rears its ugly head.  Tons of metal bear down on your car year after year.  At some point the shocks will simply wear out.  If your suspension system is on the fritz it will make your vehicle hard to control.

What are the warning signs of a faulty suspension system?

1.  Your ride is rougher than those horse soldiers of the late 19th century.
2.  When you turn your steering wheel, there is a pulling sensation.
3.  Put on the brakes.  Does your car steer in one direction or the other?
4.  The shocks have simply warn out.

What do you do next?  If you live in the Raleigh NC area you trust the ultimate “shade tree” mechanic.  He is Jim Liacos of Jim’s Auto Service in Raleigh.  He and his shop have been around for decades, but Jim and his staff continue to learn and grow as vehicles change.  Call for an appointment at (919) 824-4566 or drive to the shop at 3711 Tarheel Drive.

Dave Matthews Band in Raleigh - July 20th

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"Dave Matthews Band will be performing live at Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek."

Monday, July 2, 2018

Meet the Man Behind the Business.

So many times, we do business with a company and we really don’t know who owns and manages it.  You might think that Jim’s Auto Service in Raleigh just has somebody’s name on the building, but the original Jim is long gone.  That is NOT the case in this particular instance!

Jim, in this case, is Jim Liacos.  We know him around here as “the ultimate shade tree mechanic”, because he cut his teeth repairing all types of vehicles more than a half-century ago.  His story is chronicled on his website and it is worth a read.  You will find that Jim has been involved in a number of different things over the decades.

We are lucky that he ultimately decided to open Jim’s Auto Service located at 3711 Tarheel Drive in Raleigh many years ago.  Jim and his crew have pursued excellence in automotive repair and customer service.  Whenever you have a need for preventative maintenance or repair of a major mechanical problem trust Jim.  Call for an appointment at (919) 824-4566.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Raleigh July 4th Fireworks, Parades and More: 2018 Guide

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"July 4th is quickly approaching, which means it's time to fire up that barbecue, stock up on sparklers, and find out what Fourth of July fireworks and festivities are going on near you this Independence Day." 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Safety from Bottom to Top.

It sounds out of sequence, doesn’t it?  This time it applies to what keeps your car rolling down the road this summer and beyond…your tires.  Safety starts at the bottom.  Tires are often ignored because today’s technology has made them more reliable and long-lasting as they have ever been in automotive history.

You know when your vehicle’s oil should be changed and when (according to the owner’s manual) other fluids need to be changed.  Under normal circumstances your biggest concern should be your tires.  Here is a tip.  Change your tires every four years regardless of how much tread is left.  A blowout at the wrong time could be a disaster!

For all of your vehicle’s maintenance needs (including your tires) trust Raleigh’s ultimate “shade tree mechanic”.  He is Jim Liacos and the team from Jim’s Auto Service located at 3711 Tarheel Drive in Raleigh.  Jim has been working on every type of vehicle for more than four decades.  Make an appointment today and have your tires checked by calling (919) 824-4566.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Sky Zone Trampoline Park - Fathers Jump Free on Father's day

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"Not all trampoline parks are created equal and while many other facilities now offer trampolines, you can only experience ultimate wall to wall play experience on Patented trampoline surfaces at Sky Zone where it all began."

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Let There NOT be Light.

Not this light…the check engine light.  In a the most radical scenario look for a serious problem that requires immediate attention.  Check your gauges and lights on your dashboard for indications of low oil pressure or overheating. These conditions mean you should pull over and shut off the vehicle ASAP!

Here are some reasons why your check engine light may have come on –

1.  It is time to replace your oxygen sensor.
2.  You have a loose gas cap…that would be nice if that’s all it is.
3.  You need to replace your catalytic converter.
4.  A cranky mass airflow sensor.
5.  Spark plugs have seen better days.

Whatever the case, you should seek the help of Jim’s Auto Service.  Jim and his staff have been the Raleigh area’s car repair and check engine light professionals since BEFORE there even was a light on your dashboard.  Make an appointment to have that check engine light diagnosed at 3711 Tarheel Drive by calling (919) 824-4566.

Raleigh's International Food Festival

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"Let's celebrate Raleigh's diversity and welcoming spirit. Lots of delicious international food, international dance performances and bands!!! International beer and Wine!"


Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dealer vs. Mechanic…Who Should Work on My Car?

Obviously, you didn’t buy your Volkswagen from us, but we would like to help you keep it in tip-top condition.  We are perfectly comfortable with dealer service departments because their high repair rates and by-the-book approach can drive customers straight to a local independent specialist like us!

On certain jobs a dealer may take six to eight hours to do a job we can do in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the price.  Here is a rule of thumb…once your VW hits 50,000 miles go to the independent shop over the dealer.  Not only is it probably cheaper, but you avoid the hassle of being pitched buying a new car.  Don’t you hate that?

Here at Jim’s Auto Service we pride ourselves in auto and light truck repair of all types.  We are particularly adept at repairing “The People’s Car”…good old reliable Volkswagens.  Give us a chance to repair your baby.  When your VW needs maintenance come into our shop at 3711 Tarheel Drive in Raleigh.  Give us a call ahead of time at (919) 824-4566.

GVWC TRU Youth Car Wash, May 26th

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"The GVWC TRU Youth Ministry is hosting a car wash to raise funds for upcoming outreach events.
We invite you to come out and get your car washed before your big Memorial Day Weekend Cook-out." 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Sticker Shock Avoided.

There is little worse than sticker shock.  Maybe it is the price of a new car, or something as innocuous as the price of eggs at your local grocery store.  In this day and age, with instant communication sticker shock should be a thing of the past.  Every once in a while, it rears its ugly head!

You should not experience this feeling when you have your vehicle serviced.  Yet, it happens all the time in our country.  It is real, and it will continue as long as you allow it to.  Why not get a fair and honest estimate of all your car’s repair needs before you bring it into the shop and find out what it all will cost after it’s too late?

At Jim’s Auto Service, Jim Liacos wants you to know the cost of the repairs needed BEFORE you make a trip to 3711 Tarheel Drive.  That is why they put an entire page on their website at www.jimsautoservices.com so you can fill out a form under the heading estimates.  Then, give them a call for an appointment at (919) 824-4566. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

We Know You…You Know Us.

There are large corporations that do decent work in many fields.  Let’s face it, the big retail giants have caused the mom and pop hardware stores to go the way of the dinosaur.  It is just progress, they say.  There is a greater selection of goods because of buying power which also results in lower prices.

How does that pertain to auto service?  After all, there is only one way to properly service your vehicle…the right way, the first time!  A large chain repair operation where the personnel come through there like a revolving door may not be the best choice to have “your baby” serviced and back on the road.

Enter the “ultimate shade tree mechanic”.  Jim Liacos and his loyal staff have been serving the Raleigh area with personal, quality, guaranteed auto service for decades.  Why trust the chain to do the work?  Count on the caring professionals every time at Jim’s Auto Service located at 3711 Tarheel Drive.  Call ahead at (919) 824-4566. 

21 April Festivals in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill

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"Get out and enjoy triangle towns feature spring festivities!"

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Get Free Advice First.

How many times have we entered into something without knowing the true final cost?  It happens to all of us at one time or another in a variety of ways.  There is little in this life more jolting than “sticker shock” when you see the final bill!  Near the top of that list may be the function of vehicle repair.

On occasion we wait to long to fix a problem because we are worried about the final cost.  When we do that, it is possible that a minor issue will become a major one!  So, how do we avoid that when we hear our car making noises, or the check engine light is on, or we notice something else that we can’t explain or repair on our own?

The answer in the Raleigh area is Jim’s Auto Service.  It is right there on their website jimsautoservices.com.  On the estimates tab you can fill out and send in your vehicle’s issues and send it to Jim who will give you as complete an assessment as possible.  Then, if you wish, just bring it in to 3711 Tarheel Drive or call ahead at (919) 824-4566.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Tune it Up and Turn it On.

This is the time of year to have your engine tuned to prepare for Raleigh’s hot, humid summer weather.  Since your vehicle should be tuned up once a year, why not make it an annual habit to have it done every spring?  IF a timing belt snaps, your engine will likely be ruined in a matter of seconds.  You don’t get a second chance!

What are some reasons to get a tune up?

1.  Here’s a good one…you won’t be stranded on the side of the road.
2.  Avoid an accident traveling at higher speeds.
3.  Extend the life of your vehicle.
4.  It could save you a LOT of money in the long-run.

You can pay me now or pay me later as the old saying goes.  I am Jim Liacos.  I have been tuning up engines in the Raleigh area for decades and I have a great staff who will get you in and out of here in a timely fashion.  Stop by the shop located at 3711 Tarheel Drive or call ahead for an appointment at (919) 824-4566.

2018 Easter Fun: Egg Hunts, Festivals and Bunny Visits in Triangle Towns

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"Easter is right around the corner and that means Peter Cottontail is busy hiding eggs! Take an Easter basket to these fun events happening across the Triangle. Egg hunts begin and end in a jiffy, so be sure to arrive early. Also, find out which malls are offering an opportunity for your child to have a photo taken with the Easter Bunny."


Thursday, March 1, 2018

Oh Boy, It’s the Check Engine Light.

It’s a sight that makes our stomach turn…a modern work of technology that helps us know when our vehicle might need a particular service.  What, exactly does it need?  A flashing check engine light is typically indicative of a serious problem affecting your vehicle's ignition, fuel or emission systems.

Here are some reasons why that nasty light might have come on-

1.  The catalytic converter needs attention.
2.  The mass airflow sensor could need to be replaced.
3.  Spark plugs and wire plugs may be loose.
4.  The oxygen sensor is on the fritz.
5.  The best one…just a loose gas cap!

Go to the light.  Point your vehicle toward Jim’s Auto Service one of Raleigh’s premier auto service shops.  Jim Liacos is the ultimate shade tree mechanic who has worked on every type of vehicle LONG before there were “trouble lights”.  Jim and his crew will check things out at 3711 Tarheel Drive.  Call for an appointment at (919) 824-4566.

2018 Umstead Trail Marathon, March 3rd

(Click the link above for more information)

"All 26.2 miles of the marathon will be run within the borders of William B. Umstead State Park, a five thousand-acre tract of dense woods, lakes, streams, hills, and trails that rests between the cities of Raleigh, Cary, and Durham."