Friday, September 15, 2017

Is Your VW Ready for Winter?

Your family Volkswagen is one of your most proud possessions.  Maybe you have been a VW owner since the 1960’s and you were the envy of all your “hippy” friends with your bug or bus.  Perhaps you have been “bitten by the bug” in recent years and have just purchased your first make and model of the famous German vehicle.

Volkswagens need TLC.  They require maintenance by a trained mechanic who has worked with them for years.  The tune up, the oil change, the battery, and the brake system are unique to some of these classic cars.  Make sure that you have your prized VW managed by a true professional mechanic on a regular basis.

In Raleigh NC your home for Volkswagen maintenance and repair is Jim’s Auto Services.  Jim Liacos and his staff remember when the “bug” was in its larval stage!  Trust Jim’s Auto Services to keep your Volkswagen humming along well past 100,000 miles.  Call or stop in at their shop located at 3711 Tarheel Drive.  Call (919) 824-4566. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Bluegrass Jam Night - Every Tuesday Night

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"Have you ever attended Lorraine's free Tuesday night jam session? It is a popular night for those who love to play instruments, want to learn to play or just want to hang out and listen to the music. Tuesday night is a fun night when everyone comes together to socialize and play music in wonderful harmony. They would love to see you Tuesday night." - visit Raleigh

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Change of Season - Change of Oil.

As summer leaves us for the cooler days of autumn we can also remind ourselves to do other things that impact our lives.  Change your home’s air filters.  Change the batteries in your smoke detector.  Fertilize your lawn.  Change your oil.  That’s right, if you have been driving most of the summer without an oil change then it is high time to do so!

Why are oil changes important to the health of your vehicle?

1.  Those moving parts in your engine will simply break down without lubrication.
2.  Friction + Heat equals disaster for your engine parts.
3.  Fresh oil breaks down the dirt that forms on your engine.
4.  Poor lubrication leads to poorer gas mileage.
5.  Simply put, routine maintenance will keep your car on the road longer.

Ahhh, routine maintenance.  Now, there is something that many of us put off for various reasons.  Fall is NOT the time to be doing that.  It is the routine maintenance that keeps you from having to come up with $15,000 dollars to buy a new car!  Make an appointment with Raleigh’s routine maintenance car repair pro…Jim Liacos at Jim’s Auto Services.  Call (919) 824-4566.