Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Shade Tree Mechanic.

Maybe you have had the good fortune to know a true shade tree mechanic.  It is someone who fixed cars in their driveway back in a day under the shade of a big tree.  That is where the expression comes from.  What we tend to forget is that person learned auto repair from the ground up…not at some school or factory.  It is a disappearing breed in Americana.

Back in the seventies cars were pretty much the same.  Over the years “shade tree mechanics” disappeared as the job of auto repair became more complicated.  It just makes sense.  However, a few of them grew with the technology and opened their own shop.  If you find one of those you find someone who has a genuine love for anything on four wheels.

We know of one such master auto mechanic in Raleigh NC.  His name is Jim Liacos of Jim’s Auto Service.  Jim seemingly was born under the hood and has been at it for over 40 years.  Think about how precious your vehicle is to you…it is to him as well.  Make an appointment and drive into his shop at 3711 Tarheel Drive.  He is Raleigh’s true Shade Tree Mechanic!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Car Repair Estimates.

Oh boy, you know that your car needs maintenance.  Maybe it is urgent and maybe it’s not.  Either way YOU have to take time out, maybe from work, and drive around to find out how much what you THINK needs done is going to cost.  Don’t we have better things to do?  Wouldn’t it be nice to fill out a form on your computer and submit it for a free estimate?

Naturally, you need to have some knowledge of what things need to be done, but you know when routine maintenance procedures are due on your vehicle.  Your manual will tell you how often to change the spark plugs, when your car needs a new air filter, or if it is time for a transmission flush.  Things like that are easy for you to troubleshoot.

At least one master auto mechanic in Raleigh NC wants you to avoid taking time out of your day to come to his shop.  He is Jim Liacos of Jim’s Auto Service.  Jim has been underneath the hood for over 40 years.  All he needs for you to do is visit his website at  Fill out the estimate form and get a free quote.  Then you can make an appointment and drive into his shop at 3711 Tarheel Drive.  How about that!?