Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Finding an Honest Mechanic.

When you find an honest mechanic it not only makes your day, but maybe the life of your car.  Learn diagnostic dialect.  Many spurious mechanics count on you to be clueless about what’s under the hood.  They knowingly try to snow you with terminology you don’t understand then present you with inflated bills at the end.

That is NOT acceptable!  This happens especially when you go in for a simple oil change.  Many repair shops barely break even on routine services like these.  You need to be confident in your oil change mechanic.  When he comes out with a list of recommendations be very afraid.  A radiator flush may be another term for a “wallet flush”.

This will not happen when you trust Raleigh’s ultimate shade tree mechanic.  He is Jim Liacos.  He has repaired every imaginable make and model of vehicle for over forty years.  You can trust him to repair only what is needed.  Make an appointment at his shop located at 3711 Tarheel Drive by calling (919) 824-4566.

Events and Things to do in Raleigh

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Find things to do this Summer in Raleigh! 

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Summer Sun vs. Your Car.

The sun is a formidable opponent when it comes to your car.  The heart of your car is your battery.  When the sun beats down, that battery takes quite a toll.  If you think about it, what would be more likely to happen, cold weather affecting the performance of your battery or hot weather?

The truth is, it is the searing heat.  Just look at the label.  If you purchased your battery anywhere from five to seven years ago then its shelf life is just about over.  That is especially true if you live in a hot climate like Raleigh.  Over-charging as well as excessive heat also contributes to its limited life as its liquid evaporates over time.

Fear not, there is someone who has your back!  In the Raleigh, North Carolina area Jim Liacos is your ultimate shade tree mechanic.  For decades, he has been Raleigh’s battery replacement specialist.  Before you find yourself stranded on the side of the road make an appointment at his shop located at 3711 Tarheel Drive by calling (919) 824-4566.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Make Your Plans for the 4th of July!

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"Being as it's the Capital of NC, there are plenty of activities for the family over the Fourth of July holiday in Raliegh."