Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Gregg Museum of Art Design Under Redevelopment until Aug 26th

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"With a permanent collection of 40,000+ objects available for research and enjoyment (including textiles, ceramics, photography and Native American/tribal art) and an ongoing series of exhibitions and programs, this is one of the Southeast's cultural treasures."

Hard Summer Driving Comes to an End.

So you have been a travelin’ person this summer?  If you are like many in North Carolina you have gotten in your car and explored America these last couple of months.  Of course, you know that takes a big toll on your vehicle.  It has performed like a champ throughout June, July, and some of August.  Now it is time for some auto TLC.

Here are some signs that your vehicle needs a tune up-

1.  You stop at the gas station more often.
2.  You are hearing some strange knocking noises.
3.  There is a squeal when turning the wheel.
4.  The brakes are soft and spongy.
5.  Sometimes your vehicle even stalls out.

It will not heal itself!  In Raleigh we have counted on the ultimate shade tree mechanic for decades.  We call Jim Liacos by that name because he learned to service every make and model of vehicle and is a veteran fall tune up specialist in the Raleigh area.  Call Jim for an appointment soon at 3711 Tarheel Drive.  That number is (919) 824-4566.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Events and Things to do in Raleigh - August 2017

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Plan your next day or night out with your family or loved one!  

Volkswagens Everywhere.

How many VW’s do you see on the road?  There are plenty of them out there.  Americans have been “bitten by the bug” since the Volkswagen Beetle was introduced decades ago.  This great, popular German car has been at the center of mechanical controversies in recent years and it may have an impact on you.

In recent memory Volkswagen was involved in an emissions scandal that rocked the automotive world.  VW admitted to equipping more than 11 million diesel-powered cars worldwide with software designed to cheat government emissions tests.  Then there are the powertrain reliability issues in the Passat and Jetta particularly.

If you drive a Volkswagen in the Raleigh area, chances are you are sticking with your baby through thick and thin!  When your VW acts up think immediately of Jim’s Auto Service.  We are the Raleigh NC area Volkswagen repair and maintenance headquarters.  Make an appointment today at our shop located 3711 Tarheel Drive. Call (919) 824-4566.