Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Make Your Labor Day Weekend Plans!

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2nd Annual Raleigh Seafood Festival
Labor Day Weekend 2016 (Sept. 3rd & 4th)
NC State Fair Grounds in Raleigh, NC.  

"The Raleigh Seafood Festival is a family friendly 2-day event that brings a variety of local seafood vendors, live local bands, arts & crafts exhibits, kids zone and a great outdoor atmosphere."


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Right Car Maintenance Habit.

What do you do when the seasons change?  Chances are you make your bi-annual trip to the dentist…whoopee!  Maybe you change the batteries in your important electronics.  You probably switch out air filters if you own your home.  There are many things that we set our mind to doing when back-to-school time arrives.

How about adding auto maintenance to that list?  If you are conscientious about your vehicle you are already having the oil changed every 90 days.  That cycle may be coming up.  Why not have everything checked.  You already know that winter driving will take a greater toll on your car.  Have all of the mechanical features checked now and avoid emergencies in a couple of months.

Now I would suggest that if you are going to trust one shop to do ALL of this WITHOUT trying to upsell you I would go to a professional mechanic like Jim Liacos who has been doing this for 40 years.  Jim’s Auto Services is your Raleigh North Carolina preventative maintenance auto service center.  Drive in for a check-up today at 3711 Tarheel Drive or call ahead for an appointment at (919) 824-4566.

Monday, August 1, 2016

August Car Problems.

We always are aware of the obvious…air conditioning, brakes, tires, overheated engine, etc.  Summer driving is and will continue to take its toll on our vehicles.  We thought it might be important to stay on top of other possible mishaps that may occur as you travel the highways and byways of the Raleigh area through Labor Day.

1.  Cracked windshields.  They are far more likely this time of year.
2.  Shocks.  Trouble usually occurs when you are doing a lot of open-road driving.
3.  Leaks.  They develop from your brakes and transmission.
4.  Catalytic Converter.  Make sure that your spark plugs are in good working order.
5.  Power Steering.  Being out on the open road means you are traveling at faster speeds.

Be aware that the hard work of summer driving takes its toll on your vehicle.  Don’t take summer driving lightly!  Your heightened awareness can save you from being stranded on the side of the road.  Jim’s Auto Services is your Raleigh North Carolina summertime auto service expert.  Drive in for a check-up today at 3711 Tarheel Drive or call ahead for an appointment at (919) 824-4566.